SO Sound SoundHearts™

SO Sound SoundHearts™

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SO Sound SoundHearts™ Acoustic Resonance Therapy and Music System. Unlock a host of revenue generating possibilities in the spa environment. SO Sound System is a patented acoustic resonance therapy system which provides incredible breakthrough opportunities for spa and massage treatments. The hi-tech polycarbonate SoundHeart™ drivers provide a full spectrum flow of harmonic sound waves through the treatment table and into the client’s body, relaxing muscles and reconnecting neural pathways. Meanwhile, and optional embedded Bose® speakers brings a high fidelity music option into the treatment room eliminating the need for expensive wiring and wall speakers. When used in conjunction with harmonic music and synchronized massage treatments, the SoundHearts help achieve unprecedented levels of relaxation and recovery.


  • Acoustic Resonance Therapy – enhances relaxation and recovery while addling new revenue generation opportunities.
  • So SoundHearts™ - patented polycarbonate acoustic resonance drivers send full spectrum soundwaves flowing through your treatment table.
  • Embedded Bose® Speaker System –eliminates the need for in room wiring and costly wall speakers.
  • Convenient Sound Options - works with i-Pods, and many existing in-room sound systems.
  • Factory installed - available on all stationary treatment tables and loungers.
  • One Year Limited Warranty
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