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Living Earth Crafts® New Plant-A-Tree Partnership Expands Existing Corporate Environmental Sustainability Program

Partnership with Sustainable Harvest International grows Living Earth Crafts' sustainable practices to improve the environment through sustainable agriculture and homestead improvements abroad

Vista, California – April 16, 2008 – Living Earth Crafts ( (LEC), an industry leader in corporate environmental sustainability, expands its Plant-A-Tree initiative by partnering with Sustainable Harvest International ( (SHI). SHI helps farmers reverse rainforest destruction with sustainable land-use practices that allow them to take control of their environment and economic destinies.

SHI and its participating families and schools have planted more than 1,900,000 trees in less than six years. These efforts eliminate hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere each year, a primary pollutant and cause of global warming.  "Respect for our environment and nature's precious and fragile gifts has always been part of our operating philosophy," says Jim Chenevey, CEO and President of Living Earth Crafts. "Our Plant-A-Tree program sponsorship is a natural and living extension of that policy and our commitment to the environment."

"SHI's tree planting program differs from others by involving sustainable agriculture and homestead improvements that have a major impact on preserving forests," said Christina Venessa Becherer, Development Coordinator of SHI. "Our Living Earth Crafts partnership helps us plant income producing cash crops with impoverished families abroad to not only guarantee the trees planted today will stay on the land years later, but also to increase food supply in a time when many countries are facing shortages."

Living Earth Crafts' Plant-A-Tree initiative is an extension of its sustainability practices. "We will honor our company's commitment to show respect for nature and maintain environmental integrity by planting a tree for every treatment and portable massage table sold," continued Chenevey. "We are very proud of LEC's legacy as an environmentally responsible company and our partnership with Sustainable Harvest International is a fundamental step in making a better tomorrow, today."

Living Earth Crafts' history of environmental and social consciousness started at the inception of the company over 30 years ago. Environmental integrity is a core company philosophy that is demanded in every product developed and sold from Living Earth Crafts and its affiliates. Extensive recycling programs, energy conservation, sustainable material sources, water based lacquers and glues, CFC-free cushioning systems and eco-friendly 100% PU Natursoft® Upholstery (PVC-free) are just a few of the programs that define the company's commitment to the environment, to its customers and to its employees. 

SHI joins Living Earth Crafts' growing plant-a-tree partnerships which include American Forests and Trees for the Future.

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) ( is building a global network of local partners working toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. SHI facilitates long-term collaboration among trained local staff, farmers and communities to implement sustainable land-use practices that alleviate poverty by restoring ecological stability.

American Forests ( works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. Healthy forests filter water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon and provide home for wildlife. Through community-based initiatives, they help people understand the many values of trees and restore forest ecosystems in urban and rural areas. Their work encompasses tree planting, urban forestry, environmental education and community-based forestry.

Trees for the Future ( has helped thousands worldwide improve their livelihood and their environment by planting nearly 50 million trees since 1989. It is calculated that these trees remove approximately one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and local country programs, they have empowered rural groups to restore tree cover and sustainable productive life to over 25,000 acres of land that had previously been degraded and abandoned. The trees offer food, fodder, fuel and medicine for the farmers as well as shade, fertilizer and biodiversity for the landscape.

Living Earth Crafts is headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents. Living Earth Crafts and its affiliates are one of the largest treatment and portable massage table manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1973, Living Earth Crafts maintains an unwavering commitment to making exceptional quality products and to eco-friendly sustainability.