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Living Earth Crafts® and SO Sound Solutions Announce Exclusive Joint Technology Partnership To Offer Acoustic Resonance Therapy™ Within Spa Treatment Tables

Acoustic Resonance Therapy™ Systems, the latest innovation in spa therapeutic treatments, expands resort and spa menu choices to enhance clientele's spa experience while creating new revenue opportunities

Vista, California — 18 August, 2008 — Living Earth Crafts ( (LEC), an industry leader in spa treatment table innovations and designs, announces an exclusive distribution agreement with SO Sound™s Solutions (, a pioneer in the growing field of sound healing and Acoustic Resonance Therapy, to the massage, spa, resort and healing arts markets. LEC is currently the only manufacturer of spa treatment tables available with the SO SoundHearts® within Acoustic Resonance Therapy systems. "SO Sound has developed patented Acoustic Resonance Therapy equipment which provides incredible opportunities for spa, massage and medi-spa treatments," according to Jim Chenevey, Living Earth Crafts CEO. "These patented, high fidelity SO SoundHearts bathe the body/mind in a full spectrum flow of healing harmonic sound waves thus opening the door to new cutting edge spa therapies."

The BROADMOOR, consistently rated one of the premier resort spas in the country and a long time customer of LEC, was the first to purchase spa treatment tables with SO SoundHearts within Acoustic Resonance Therapy systems. "SO Sound Acoustic Resonance is changing the very nature of spa treatments," said Ella Stimpson, Director of Spa at the BROADMOOR.

Over the past several years, SO Sound Solution™s technology has been used in both exploratory trials and in practice at several medical facilities. User testimonials include individuals experiencing significant chronic pain, stress, fatigue and acute pain relief, faster recovery from back or neck injury, and even reduction in symptoms associated with Autistic disorders, PTSD and Parkinson's disease. "The testing and testimonials have been very positive," stated Barry Oser, SO Sound Solution's CO-Founder and Inventor. "We truly believe that Acoustic Resonance Therapy, or the properly harmonically balanced flow of musical sounds waves through the body/mind via our SO SoundHearts, helps stimulate the body/mind's natural relaxation and healing response."

Benefits extend beyond the direct recipients of Acoustic Resonance Therapy™. Massage therapists and Estheticians find they are more effective and their job much easier on clients who receive Acoustic Resonance Therapy prior or during a massage or facial treatment. Clients of Acoustic Resonance Therapy achieve unprecedented levels of relaxation within the first few minutes of their treatment allowing therapist to be more productive and responsive client's needs. The entire experience becomes enjoyable for both the client and therapist. Further, treatments can be easily choreographed with the harmonic resonance of the music to truly help both the body and the brain unwind. Medical spas are astonished how much more comfortable and relaxed guests are during somewhat painful treatments that require long periods of stillness on spa treatment tables that have SO SoundHearts® within. "We are only beginning to explore the range of possibilities for applications within the spa and healing arts environment," says SO Sound Solution's CO-Founder and President Suzannah Long. "Our partnership with the established industry leader Living Earth Crafts® gives us an incredible opportunity to share our passion and commitment to the growing field of sound healing and vibrational medicine within the spa and healing arts communities."

Living Earth Crafts offers the SO SoundHearts Acoustic Resonance Therapy system option on all of their stationary spa treatment table models including their Flagship Nuage™ Series, Pro Salon™ and Serenity™ line. Designed for use with existing spa sound systems or specially developed Acoustic Resonance Therapy programming through SO Sound Solutions, the system offered on LEC spa treatment tables include four high fidelitySO SoundHearts, a specially designed SO SoundHeart driver/ amplifier and carries a modest $995 suggested retail price, installed.

About the Companies- Living Earth Crafts® (LEC), the premier spa treatment and massage table manufacturer since 1973, is headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents. LEC maintains an unwavering commitment to making exceptional quality products and to eco-friendly sustainability. Join the elite - savvy spa directors and corporate buyers have learned what world renowned resorts and spas have known for years - LEC is synonymous with uncompromised comfort and luxury, unsurpassed quality and undeniable value!

SO Sound Solutions LLC, a Colorado based healthy-lifestyle company with nearly three decades of research and development experience, designs functional, safe and comfortable acoustic relaxation therapy products and programs. The SO SoundHearts® and other products are the fruits of their research and development experience in Hi-Fidelity Musical Touch Technology™. Incorporating the healing effects of music in partnerships with industry leaders like Living Earth Crafts® and EarthLite® for the spa and healing arts markets continues to expands their principal company philosophy of "Feeling is Knowing"™.