Caress 10" Adapter Face Cradle for tables Prior to 2001

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Caress 10" Adapter Face Cradle for tables Prior to 2001

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Caress™ 10" Adapter Face Cradle package

If you own an older model Living Earth Crafts table, manufactured prior to 2001, you will most likely require this Caress Adapter Face Cradle which features a wider dowel spacing of 10 inches. The revolutionary Caress™ self-adjusting face cradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your clients. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. Soft-Petals™ flex and balance to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. When combined with our Strata™ FacePillow cushion, the Caress molds itself perfectly to each and every face shape and size. The days of "cradle face" are over! Your clients will love you for it! How do I know if I need a face cradle adapter? If your Living Earth Crafts table was manufactured prior to 2001, you will most likely require this Face Cradle. To ensure proper fit, you will need to measure the distance between the headrest outlet holes on your table. Measure the distance from center-of-hole to center-of-hole…and determine whether the spacing is 10 inches. If the spacing is 10 inches, you will need the Caress™ Adapter Face Cradle.


  • Specifications and Features
  • Package includes: Strata™ FacePillow and Caress™ platform with adapter.
  • Available in all Natursoft™ colors.
  • Custom upholstery available at an additional charge.
  • One year warranty on platform.
  • 2 years on cushion.
  • Six Patents Pending. Key Features
  • Reduces sinus pressure.
  • Eight patent pending suspension pads we call "Soft-Petals" flex and balance independently to create a cushiony molded platform to perfectly cradle your client's head.
  • Eliminates Pressure points.
  • The Strata™ FacePillow uses the cloud-comfort cushioning and our signature Strata Memory Foam™ system. This FacePillow in combination with Caress platform, it conforms to the contours of every face shape and size.
  • Suspends your clients in a cradle of comfort.
  • This innovative platform provides a single cam lever for height and angle adjustments, locking easily into place. No bothersome "chin" bar. Quality you can count on.
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