Guiding Principles

Heal Humanity

We honor the powerful effect of massage and other wellness modalities.  We serve the spa community by supplying the highest quality equipment and supplies so that massage and spa therapists can go about their higher purpose of “healing humanity through touch”.

Produce Exceptional Products

We promise to make our equipment the best we can, from the finest materials and with the love and care our customers have come to expect from L·E·C. We are committed to continuous innovation.

Provide the Best Warranty and Customer Service

Our exceptional products are built to last. Further, we provide the best worldwide parts and labor warranties in the industry. Our award winning “F.A.S.T. Response™” customer service team and new Customer Service App are designed to keep your equipment in prime working condition for many years.

Use Earth Friendly Materials and Practices

A respect for nature and environmental integrity is at the core of our company philosophy. We will use environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible. We will continue to recycle and to minimize waste and VOC’s in our production.  L·E·C’s extensive carbon offset program is designed to ensure our company’s Zero Carbon Footprint.

Fulfill our Global Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility as a global environmental and social steward.  L·E·C is committed to making all of our global manufacturing meet the same high environmental, quality, and safety standards.  Also, we will continue to sponsor and support environmental and humanitarian organizations, such as Trees for the Future®, Sustainable Harvest®, the Green Spa Network®, and the Red Cross®.

Industry Recognition