What to Consider When Purchasing a Treatment Table

We recommend that you ask yourself, your staff, and others these valuable questions before starting the research on your next treatment table.


We recommend understanding the price range of massage, exam and treatment tables in the market. Added features and options will make a difference. A good warranty should also figure in.


  • Performance - What features/functions are needed for the table to perform. For example, electric salon top/facial tilt only etc..
  • Control Methods - Height and top adjustments are an important consideration when determining the right table for your space.
  • Storage Needs - What are your storage needs? Considering options like cabinetry style, shelf or pedestal are determining factors for how much storage you will have.
  • Sizes - We recommend having your room measurements ready when you are shopping for a new massage table. Some units have larger footprints than others. If you have any room size constraints your distributor or manufacturer can help with which model would be the best fit. Stairs and Entry point dimensions should be taken into account.
  • Treatments - Consider the treatments that will be performed and make sure to select massage therapy accessories that help you personalize your treatment to meet customers’ needs.
  • Table Options - Consider the many plush features offered, such as an Embedded Table Warmer or the Caress™ self-adjusting platform with Strata™ FacePillow. Add features such as the Conforma LE™ Top, So Sound® Acoustic Resonance or PivotPerfect™ side arms.

  • Colors - If you have not picked table colors for your spa, we recommend using our website to change upholstery and finish combinations. Samples are available upon request.


  • Customer Service: Keep in mind both the reputation and location of the company you are purchasing from. Many pedicure chairs look alike, we highly recommend contacting reputable distributors or manufactures. The differences in quality and service will astound you.
  • Technical Reminders:
  • Consider using a surge protector to prevent mishaps.
  • Check your shipment on arrival for accuracy of contents and damage. Do not accept the shipment if there is any damage and report it upon delivery.
  • Massage tables are heavy pieces of equipment and will require additional help when moving them.
  • We would love to help you with your search to find the right treatment table!

    Please call LEC at 800-358-8292 with any questions.