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Sustainability Statement

Respect for Nature
Since 1973, Living Earth Crafts has done its best to respect our beautiful world, using environmentally friendly materials and processes. Environmental integrity is at the core of our company philosophy. We recycle, minimize waste and build our tables to last so they won’t show up in landfills. We promise to never compromise on materials to save a dollar, but to make our treatment tables the best we can, with the same care and love our customers have come to expect from Living Earth Crafts.

Sustainability starts with our employees
We believe that happy and healthy employees will build products they are proud of. As a result, the products will last longer and perform better. That is why, in addition to our other benefits, each and every employee at our manufacturing facility receives a therapeutic massage every week.

Renewable, managed forest hardwoods
As an eco-conscious woodworking company, we depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources from managed forests and are careful not to strip our lands of their valuable resources. We commit to using no rainforest hardwoods nor wood from old growth forests and will continue to recycle intensively throughout our factory and office – while using optimized equipment to minimize the drop wood needed for manufacturing.

Plant-a-Tree Program
Living Earth Crafts has begun a program to plant a tree for every treatment and portable massage table we build in effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Earth Friendly Materials and Processes

  • Luxurious 100% PU Natursoft Vinyl. (PVC-free)
  • CFC-free cushioning systems
  • Water-based lacquers & glues
  • CNC optimized wood cuts to significantly reduce scrap wood
  • Intensive wood and sawdust recycling program
  • New, energy efficient factory lighting
  • Biodegradable cardboard packaging
  • Stationery printed on recycled paper & with eco-friendly inks
  • Inner office recycling program