Pedicure Bowls with Roll-Up, Footrest, Lid & Leash

Pedicure Bowls with Roll-Up, Footrest, Lid & Leash

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Mobile - Versatile - Elegant Our portable pedicure bowls enable you to create a pedicure experience virtually anywhere. This set includes our crescent shaped upholstered footrest and lid that attaches snugly to the rim of your bowl for a convenient and comfortable service as well as a ergonomic, rolling and locking Pedi Roll-Up designed to hold our LEC bowls.


  • Our LEC Copper Pedi Bowl is hand made from premium, naturally anti-bacterial copper, brush finished and treated for tarnish resistance. Meanwhile our attractive, high polish stainless steel bowl offers a durable and cost-effective alternative. Both feature at least 6” of depth for great soaking and a wide base to accommodate foot sizes up to US14.

    Portable, Flexible: Can be used with many chairs and benches, indoors and out.

    Attractive, Luxurious: High Quality, Spun Copper and Polished Stainless Options

    Easy to Clean: Disinfect with mild (5%) bleach solution, rinse and dry. Use copper cleaner to return copper finish to original luster.

    Generously Sized: Fits feet up to US 14 men’s. Each holds up to 6 gallons of water. Dimensions: 20” (51cm) wide top rim, 14” (35.5cm) wide base and 6.5” (20cm) depth.

    Weight: 4.5 lbs. empty.


    Splashguard (Lid) & Padded Upholstered Foot Rest & Leash: Convenient padded footrest. Lid helps prevent spills.

    Ergonomic Pedi Rollup: Rolling, locking pedestal designed to hold the LEC pedi bowls. Raises the height of the bowl by an ergonomic 9”. Fits bowls snugly. Rolling, locking ball casters make moving/positioning the pedi bowl easy.

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