Safe-Guard™ Treatment Shield

Safe-Guard™ Treatment Shield

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Protect your clients and your service providers during facials and face-up body treatments with the LEC Safe-Guard™ Treatment Shield. Practical and safe, a curved and tapered acrylic plexiglass shield fits easily into your treatment table’s headrest outlets, creating a crystal clear, clean, sanitary protective barrier between technician and guest. Tapered and curved design for better client access. Easy to disinfect. Fits most industry standard treatment tables. Stores compactly.


    • Protective Barrier during Facials and other Body Treatments: Creates a safe, protective barrier between client and service provider.
    • Easy Access Tapered Design: Curved and tapered to allow both ease of access and excellent visibility in facials and other supine treatments while protecting both client and technician.
    • Disinfectable, Durable and Clear: 3/8” clear, laser-contoured, curved plexiglass. Disinfectable and durable.
    • Fits all Standard Headrest Outlets: Uses industry standard ¾” dowels, 8” on center apart.
    • Stores Easily: Stores easily with removable hardwood adaptor and compact 12”x24” Plexiglass shield.
    • Made in the USA: From components sourced globally.

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    LEC Safe-Guard Treatment Shield

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