Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer

Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer

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Earthlite’s high quality, medical grade hand sanitizer is blended in the USA at an FDA registered facility following the CDC and World Health Organization’s official guidelines. This formula is 80% alcohol, and kills up to 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria. Unscented and quick drying; Fortified with glycerin for moisturizing. The convenient 8oz. refillable spray top bottle limits waste. 6oz will be back in stock 6/11/20


    • CDC redommended formula: 80% alcohol solution for maximum germ and virus killing strength
    • FDA registered facility: Blended in the USA to exacting FDA guidelines
    • Glycerin fortified for moisterizing
    • Kills germs in seconds: Dries fast without residue. Effective in as little as 15 seconds
    • Available in Gallons and refillable 8oz sizes
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