Enjoying an exhilarating spa therapy every now and then has emerged as the need of the hour for today’s generation. Given the trend, spa therapists are leaving no stone unturned for guaranteeing the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences that are truly worth the time and money spent on them! High end competition in this segment is also forcing massage parlors to stock up on the best equipments possible that guarantee premium comfort. Be it massage tables or spa pedicure chairs, the high quality variants are finding more takers. Besides, additional accessories like massage bolsters are also being used for enriching spa therapies furthermore. If you are planning to provide a truly special experience to your clients, learning how to use these bolsters would be imperative.

How do Massage Bolsters Work?

There are various ways in which massage bolsters can actually be used to add to the comfort. You can place a bolster below the knees of the client when he or she is lying on the back. This will ensure superb comfort to the clients by providing adequate support to the back and would also minimize any leg discomfort he might be experiencing while lying down.

If the customer is lying on his tummy during a back massage, sliding one of these bolsters below his feet would often ensure easy access to the muscles of the lower legs for massage purposes. Besides, having a bolster below the feet would also ensure greater comfort for the client when he maintains his position during the course of the massage.

Often your client would be required to lie down side ways while taking a massage. In such cases, it would always be a great idea to place one of these bolsters in between the knees for additional support and supreme comfort. Especially, if a pregnant woman is undergoing massage, she would need every bit of this additional support in order to lie on her side. She might also want to use a bolster under her tummy, or just keep one next to her for leaning support, and so on.

Provided you have purchased your bolsters with precision, having them around can surely provide a special experience to your clients.