The Spa Experience – It isn’t Just for Grown-ups Anymore

I was talking to a colleague a few days back and she mentioned all of the recent press about tween and teen spa treatments. Ever the curious gal, I couldn’t resist doing a little research. I knew that spas were offering treatments to younger guests with steadily increasing frequency, but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer magnitude of spas doing so and – what’s more – doing so successfully. So, today I’ve compiled a small list of some of the super-fab (and often super-profitable) treatments out there for younger guests.

  • Pedicures/Manicures
  • Makeup Lessons and Makeup Application
  • Skincare Lessons and Face Mapping
  • Lessons on Nail Care
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Glitter Face Painting
  • Feather Hair Extensions
  • Chocolate/Honey/or Berry Flavored Treatments
  • Tween/Teen Acne Facials
  • Mother/Daughter Day Out Packages
  • Massage (recommended with parent present)

Give it a few minutes to mull over and you’ll likely come up with a few treatment ideas of your own. As summer approaches and school lets out, spas have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend. It takes few additional resources and, to my mind, packs a pretty profitable punch. What’s more, it can help set you apart from the multitude of spas still offering only traditional spa treatments. So, consider it. I think you’ll be happy you did.

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