Team Bonding: An Absolute Necessity

This morning the Earthlite/Living Earth Crafts team made a killer team breakfast. On the menu: quiche, chorizo, eggs, empenadas, potatoes, fresh-baked bread, tomato-basil melts, fruit, and O.J. To say it was decadent would be an understatement. And, you know what, it was just an impromptu potluck.I’m not sharing this just to make your mouths water (I’m not that cruel), I’m sharing it because it was a wonderful team bonding experience.

If you are a spa owner or manager, you know how crucial a good team is to your business. Sure, quality spa equipment and treatments are important, but your team has the ability to make or break any client experience. By ensuring that they work well together, you are only doing a service to your business. So, my question is this: What have you all done together lately?

If the answer doesn’t come right to you, you should probably plan something soon. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe you all pitch in a few dollars for a group lotto pool and bond over the fantasy of winning, maybe you plan a breakfast potluck like we did, or even a mini “spa day” where you all trade off on providing services. Whatever you do, make it fun and low-pressure – an opportunity to let any and all work stress melt away.

Whatever you decide, it is likely to bring your team together. Show them you care enough to plan something. Have a little fun. They’ll be happy you did, and I suspect you’ll see improved dedication and teamwork.

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