Social Media: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Okay, I’ll admit it: Years ago, I was as reluctant as the next person to sign up for Facebook. At the time, I had (go ahead and gasp) a MySpace page. After mounting pressure, however, I finally caved and signed up. It took me nearly a year to really “get into it” but I eventually did. And once I did, I simply never looked back. Nowadays, I use Facebook for everything from connecting to old friends, to keeping relatives updated on my kids, and – of course – for enhancing my business. Yes, social media has become a crucial aspect of business in the 21st century and – no – the massage industry is no exception.

I can’t force you to sign up for a Facebook page or to start using yours if it is gathering proverbial internet dusk, but I can try to offer you a few compelling reasons to get wired. By “wired,” I don’t just mean Facebook. I am referring to the multitude of social networking opportunities out there. These include, amongstmany others,Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Reasons to consider ramping up your social media presence:

  1. Social media increases overall awareness of your brand, reinforcing that you are a viable member of your profession.
  2. Social media offers you additional customer service opportunities. You might be surprised how many clients are willing to reach out on Facebook versus over the phone.
  3. Social media can (and does) help generatenew leads. I think the benefits of that are pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Social media can dramatically improve your SEO rankings. If you’ve put a lot of time and money into a website for your spa, the value of this simply cannot be underestimated.
  5. Social media showcases your business to existing and prospective customers. Have you taken new photos of your spa? Have you introduced a new piece of spa equipment or a new treatment? Social media is the perfect outlet to let the world know about it.
  6. Social media provides a relatively green marketing opportunity in comparison with more traditional paper campaigns. Just imagine all of the paper you are saving by marketing online!

Whether you are new to social media or simply haven’t been leveraging it to the best of your ability, it’s time to do so. Unquestionably, the benefits of becoming “social” far outweigh any potential negatives. So, get out there and socialize. You might be surprised to find that it is immensely beneficial and just a little bit fun, too. Happy Networking!

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