Reiki/Standard Endplates – What’s Best?

Considering a portable massage table for your spa? Perhaps you are part of a resort and in-room or pool-side treatments have been requested. Perhaps a portable table simply fits your needs. Regardless of why, you’ll need to determine if either Reiki or standard endplates are best for you. So, what’s the difference?

Reiki Endplates – Reiki endplates allow massage therapists to place their knees underneath the table. This is particularly important for energy work.

Standard Endplates – Standard endplates are generally preferred by those who don’t perform energy work or sit with their knees underneath the massage table.

If you still don’t know which is best for you, consider this: Some companies even offer ½ Standard / ½ Reiki options on their portable tables. Whatever you choose, Happy Spaaaa-ing!

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