Liability and Risk

Liability and risk aren’t always things we can avoid outright, but certainly, we can lessen them in our lives and in our business. Any step you take to lessen them is, to my mind, a positive step. So, let’s examine a few things massage therapists, skincare professionals, and spa owners can do to keep their business thriving, clients safe, and avoid risk as much as is possible.

Read Your Manual: I know it looks like a boring piece of literature, but I promise that knowing the “ins and outs” of your product can reduce the possibility of injuring yourself and/or your client.

Don’t Assume: This is crucial. Never assume that your clients know how to maneuver themselves in a particular manner on your spa equipment. Something that might seem simple to you could result in injury to a client if not explained in detail.

Interview Your Clients: Okay, I know you already know that, but as is so often the case, we ease up on things after we’ve been doing them a while. So let’s just call this a friendly reminder. J

Buy Liability Insurance: If you haven’t considered it before, I strongly encourage you to do so. You can’t avoid every risk in the book and accidents will happen. Better safe than sorry is my thought.

Happy Massaging!

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