Caring for Oneself– A Health and Wellness Must!

We are all part of the health and wellness industry in some way. Whether you are a spa owner, a massage therapist, or a salon receptionist, you areinstrumental in making (orkeeping) people healthy – be it emotionally, spiritually, or physically. And you believe in it, don’t you? You know that you have the ability to improve lives. That’s why you do what you do. I wonder, though, how much of what we practice on a daily basis, do wetruly preach in our own lives?

Here’s the real question: How often do you get that much-needed massage, that long overdue facial, or the acupuncture treatment you’ve always wanted?If you’re like most of us, you probably aren’t doing so enough. I get it, you’re busy. I can’t remember the last time I sat and did absolutely nothing. But, that’s my point. If we aren’t being good to ourselves, how can we give the utmost to our clients?

I chatted with a friend a few weeks ago and she confessed that she spends more time looking at designs for new spa equipment than she actually spends receiving treatments on it.Of course, quality spa equipment is crucial to your business success, but so are YOU.It’s easy to forget that. So, friends, my advice is this: Take a moment to yourself today (and – gasp – tomorrow, too). Get that facial, choose the green salad over the heaping dish of pasta, and drink a little extra water. Both you and your clients will be the happier and the healthier for it!

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