Sustainability: The Little Things

Last week, something really struck me. It wasn’t anything new, really, but it hit me all the same. In the span of less than a second I was reminded of the importance of the small choices we make and of how they impact our environment, our world. It happened when I witnessed a Living Earth Crafts employee turn off the conference room lights. She was on her way to the copy room and as she passed the conference room, she must have noticed that the lights had never been turned off after an earlier meeting. Without skipping a beat, she reached out her left hand and flipped the light switch off. No one else was around; she wasn’t trying to impress anyone with her oh-so-green values. In fact, she wouldn’t have even known I could see her. She made this small gesture of kindness towards the environment not because a memo told her to, but because it was the right thing to do.Period.

Now, I already know that the little things can make a big difference. I suspect you know it, too. I didn’t write this blog to provide you with stats: you can look those up yourself. Nor did I write this blog because you’re uninformed: you aren’t. I thought, instead, that today’s blog might serve as a small reminder of how impactful the little things can be and of – bravo! – the immense strides the entire spa and massage industry have already made. Although Living Earth Crafts has long been a leader in sustainability programs, seeing an employee make the choice not to waste resources was truly powerful. It tells me that ‘Green’ isn’t just trendy (as, for a while, it often was), but that people truly care. This is, of course, increasingly evident elsewhere (not just in the now-dark conference room). More and more spas are purchasing their spa equipment from companies with solid environmental policies. I commend them for this. It does make a difference. It truly does.

So, let me end today’s blog by reminding you of the difference you can make and by giving you a giant pat on the back for the monumental strides you’ve made industry-wide! Bravo, friends! You have my deepest admiration!

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