Product Manuals – Why They Matter!

I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would someone actually blog about product manuals? I know, I know. And, to a certain extent, you’re right. Why would anyone feel the need to give those ultra-boring pieces of paper more than a moment’s thought? I’ll tell you why.

Product manuals, as unimportant as they sometimes seem, are crucial to understanding the spa equipment you’ve purchased. Admittedly, not every product has (or even needs) a product manual. But, when a manufacturer feels it necessary to include one, it’s for good reason. Manuals include things like instructions for use and warnings, but they often also include tips on things like upholstery care. While you might not be thinking about the longevity of your upholstery when you purchase a treatment table, I assure you that you eventually will. On the day that happens, you’ll wish you had a manual in front of you.

What’s more, not adhering to the instructions or warnings in a product manual can and often does void the warranty of the product. I have heard of many a table being cleaned improperly, voiding the warranty in the process. All the while, cleaning instructions were clearly stated in the product manual. Thus, even things that seem like “no-brainers” are in a manual for good reason.

I can’t encourage you enough to read your product manuals and to keep them on hand. It doesn’t take much to find a random file folder and place all of your manuals inside. When you find you need one, I think you’ll be happy you kept it.


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