The Importance of the Protocol(LEC)

I was reading a blog by Bodywork Buddy recently and it discussed a scenario that likely resonates with many of you: handling late clients. Reading through the blog’s comments, I came across one that really hit home. The commenter remarked that managers must have protocols in place to deal with chronically late clients. I couldn’t agree more!

To my mind, one of the best ways to prepare your staff is to offer them scenarios (for late clients, certainly, but also for angry clients, emergencies, and so much more) and to allow them to practice how they’ll respond. This gives them the opportunity to practice in a non-threatening environment, but it also gives you – the spa owner or manager – the ability to set official protocols in place. I know, you think of protocols as being specific to skincare and bodywork. Alas, protocols are further reaching than that. There are protocols for everything from cleaning your spa equipment to greeting customers. And, of course, for handling late clients.

I won’t tell you what protocols are right for you when it comes to running your business, but I will suggest this: put them in place, practice them with your staff, and then enforce them. Your business will, I suspect, run all the smoother for it.

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