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The Spa Experience – It isn’t Just for Grown-ups Anymore

I was talking to a colleague a few days back and she mentioned all of the recent press about tween and teen spa treatments. Ever the curious gal, I couldn’t resist doing a little research. I knew that spas were offering treatments to younger guests with steadily increasing frequency, but I wasn’t prepared for the [...]

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Caring for Oneself– A Health and Wellness Must!

We are all part of the health and wellness industry in some way. Whether you are a spa owner, a massage therapist, or a salon receptionist, you areinstrumental in making (orkeeping) people healthy – be it emotionally, spiritually, or physically. And you believe in it, don’t you? You know that you have the ability to [...]

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Social Media: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Okay, I’ll admit it: Years ago, I was as reluctant as the next person to sign up for Facebook. At the time, I had (go ahead and gasp) a MySpace page. After mounting pressure, however, I finally caved and signed up. It took me nearly a year to really “get into it” but I eventually [...]

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