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Taking the ‘Sales’ Out of Retail

I had the pleasure of sitting in on part of the recent AMC Rally at the Earthlite/Living Earth Crafts facility this week. Of all the things I learned, one thing really hit home for me. It centered on the subject of retail. The crux of it was this: Retail isn’t simply a way to increase [...]

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Adjustability and Foam – The Keys to a Good Facecradle

I have had facecradles on the brain lately. Let’s face it (no pun intended): I pretty consistently have spa equipment of some type on the brain. Lately, however, I’ve developed a newfound respect for our cushy, oh-so-important little friends. The truth is that I had underestimated their importance. I suspect that I’ve been exposed to [...]

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Ordering a Facecradle? A Few Things to Know

In recent years, some manufacturers (including Living Earth Crafts) have moved from 10” or 12” spacing between outlets to 8” spacing. Living Earth Crafts made this switch in 2001. While 2001 might seem like a while back, many Living Earth Crafts clients are still happily using massage tables from pre-2001 purchase dates. Not surprisingly, the [...]

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education – Picking the Right Course

There has, admittedly, been some controversy concerning continuing education units over the years. I’m hesitant to delve into that issue more specifically, not because I’m shy, but because it is remarkably complex and is deserving of analysis and commentary from someone with a stronger background in massage education. With that said, I do feel equipped [...]

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